Mobile Machines
Loadquip has the necessary experience in structural design, machinery design, hydraulic and electrical design, and controls design to develop a solution to suit your mobile machinery needs. Loadquip has developed a diverse range of specialised equipment, providing solutions to a number of common mobile machinery problems within the mining industry.

Mechanical Design
Loadquip is the manufacturing arm of CMP Engineers, who specialise in the mechanical design. Through liaison with CMP Engineers, Loadquip has supplied products ranging from fine mechanical devices to heavy mobile equipment such as low loaders weighing several hundred tonnes.

Finite Element Analysis
Loadquip (in collaboration with CMP Engineers) routinely uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for design, troubleshooting and design auditing, and a high proportion of our staff has considerable experience with the application of FEA in linear, non-linear, dynamic and thermal analysis. We also have experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Discrete Element Modelling.