Mobile Machinery
Recovery Tow-Link
The Loadquip Recovery Tow-Link (RTL) enables the simple and safe towing of a disabled mining truck with another mining truck of sufficient size. In general no modifications are required to either the towing or towed truck, so any suitable truck can be pulled from production for towing duties on short notice.

Recovery Tow-Link Trailer
The Loadquip Recovery Tow-Link Trailer (RTLT) is a towable version of the Recovery Tow-Link, with the first four units currently under construction.

Pipe Handling Attachment
Loadquip has developed a pipe handling attachment, compatible with a Caterpillar Fusion™Coupler mounted on a Caterpillar 962K Wheel Loader, to be used for manoeuvring polyethylene pipe in lengths up to 20 metres.

Coil Handler
Loadquip has developed a coil handler as an easily removable attachment for a forklift. The device allows steel coils, or any suitable load to be picked up and retained with a vertically acting clamp.

Customised Truck Bodies
In order to maximise the productivity of existing rear dump vehicles, body designs can be optimised for different products.

Loadquip offers a range of tailgates to suit off highway rear dump trucks. The fitment of tailgates to rear dump haul trucks increases the effective volume of the dump body and is particularly beneficial when hauling low density payloads such as coal.