Recovery Tow-Link
Loadquip has developed a Recovery Tow-Link for a range of mining trucks including; Hitachi (EH3500, EH4500 & EH5000), Komatsu (830E, 860E, 930E & 960E) and Caterpillar (789 & 793), with the ability for other models to be developed on request.

Recovery Tow-Link - Click here for larger image

The Recovery Tow-Link (RTL) enables the simple and safe towing of a disabled mining truck with another mining truck of sufficient size. In general no modifications are required to either the towing or towed truck, so any suitable truck can be pulled from production for towing duties on short notice. With a total mass of 2.5 tonnes, the RTL can be installed using a lightweight crane in less than 20 minutes. The device is also available as a Recovery Tow-Link Trailer that can be installed without the use of a crane.

Recovery Tow-Link - Click here for larger image

The RTL comprises three main elements; the Draw-Bar, the Axle Beam and the Bumper Beam. The Axle Beam attaches to the towing truck and the Bumper Beam attaches to the towed truck. Each of these attaches with the installation of only two pins. The Axle Beam and Bumper Beams attach to the Draw-Bar using a single pin. Operators with mixed fleets can have several different Bumper Beams along with one Axle Beam and Draw-Bar to enable towing of a range of different trucks with a single RTL.

Recovery Tow-Link - Click here for larger image

The disabled vehicle requires functioning steering and braking systems. Depending on the requirements of the particular truck these systems can be powered using either a 'buddy system' from the towing truck, or via a separate auxiliary power unit which Loadquip can supply. The configuration shown above (Hitachi EH4500 under test) is specifically designed to function around a sound attenuation package on the front of the vehicle, specialised configurations can be supplied as required.

Recovery-Tow Link - Units in service
Manufacturer Model EVM (Empty Vehicle Mass)
  793 166t
  789 141t
  785 114t
  777 73t
  740 35t
  D11 113t
  D10 70t
  EH 4500 198t
  EH 4000 163t
  EH 3500 134t
  960 250t
  930 210t
  830 164t
  730 141t

Application Notes:

1. Recovery Tow-Links can be supplied such that any similarly sized or heavier vehicle can tow a lighter vehicle.

2. The table above represents units in service, designs have been completed for other vehicles.

3. Designs can be customised to suit site requirements.

4. Units also available in powered or unpowered trailer configurations.

Download specifications in PDF format Download pdf file