Specialised Equipment
Chute Change Out Scissor Lift
Designed by CMP Engineers, Loadquip has supplied the Schenck Process ProLift, which is a self propelled, rail mounted, scissor lift.

Pile Wrapping Gantry
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal were looking for a significant change in their old practice of painting the piles supporting the jetty structure. Designed by CMP Engineers, Loadquip has supplied the mechanical systems for a Pile Wrapping Gantry machine supplied by John Holland Group.

Oil Cooled Conveyor Brake
Loadquip have adapted oil-cooled multi-plate disc brakes from CATERPILLAR(R) trucks to torque-arm mounted brakes for use underground wherever they are required to control belt dynamics during stopping.

Track Wind-up Machine
When large crawler tracks have been laid out straight for maintenance and repair, the process for winding them into a spiral for transport in a compact state can be time consuming and hazardous.