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Loadquip offers a range of low loaders which address the major problems of existing low loaders – limited braking capacity and severe tyre scrub.

Based on experience in the design of large coal haulers (notably the Hastings Deering 160 and 220-tonne coal haulers), the company offers a series of low loaders which overcome these shortcomings by utilising single or tandem axle assemblies from large mining trucks in place of the multiple-axle designs currently in use. Tyre-scrub, and its attendant high maintenance costs for both tyres and suspension systems, is greatly reduced.

This concept also permits the use of large enclosed oil-cooled disc brakes with spring applied emergency brakes. Such systems are designed to meet the requirements of AS 2958, providing safe and reliable fade-free braking and retardation in accordance with the requirements of this standard. Retardation on the trailer axles allows such low- loaders to descend long grades safely with full loads on board.


Based on the above principles, we have developed designs for low loaders up to 450 tonnes in capacity. All designs are fully-engineered and utilise finite-element analysis techniques to produce fatigue-resistant structures.

We also have developed designs for converting existing multiple-axle low-loaders to large-tyred single-axle designs, and we would be happy to discuss with you any requirements for custom designs or modifications which you are considering. The photograph above shows the conversion of a 150 tonne unit in progress.

Our company personnel are also experienced in problem-solving with other mining machinery, particularly in the field of fatigue failure and vibration. We have a long history of involvement with field testing, including strain gauging and vibration measurement and analysis.

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