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Loadquip can develop and supply attachments that meet specific operational and capacity requirements, to match a customer’s available site machinery. Loadquip has the necessary experience in structural design, machinery design, hydraulic and electrical design, and controls design to develop a tool to suit your needs.

Pipe Handling Attachment

Loadquip has developed a pipe handling attachment, compatible with a Caterpillar Fusion™ Coupler mounted on a Caterpillar 962K Wheel Loader, to be used for manoeuvring polyethylene pipe in lengths up to 20 metres. The pipe handling attachment comprises of two upper and lower tines, with the upper tines shaped to positively retain the pipes. Hydraulic cylinders, powered by the Caterpillar 962K Wheel Loader are used to clamp the pipe in place and ensure safe travel.


The pipe handling attachment is capable of lifting and handling polyethylene pipe with an outside diameter range of 160 mm to 500 mm. The rated capacity of the grab is 1250 kg and it is capable of carrying a single maximum diameter pipe or three of the minimum diameter pipes. CMP Engineers, Loadquip’s associated design company, used FEA Analysis in the design of the pipe handling attachment, to ensure the structural integrity of the weldment when carrying various sizes and quantities of pipe.

Coil Handler

Loadquip has also developed a coil handler as an easily removable attachment for a forklift. The device allows steel coils, or any suitable load to be picked up and retained with a vertically acting clamp. The device allows the payload item to be held so the operator does not have to focus on balancing the payload. The top clamping arrangement allows the pallets to be stacked closely together. Rubber buffers protect the payload item.

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